International Womens Day is Today, how will you celebrate?

Celebrate International Women’s Day

Inspired by and the ways to support women around the world, I honored the call to action with these five simple steps.

#1 – Try KIVA free – Your invited to change a woman’s life with a loan for free, sponsored by Dermalogica.

We use vintage textile’s sourced from around the world in our re-imagined Pillow Collection. Inspired by the beauty of handmade fabrics, I wanted to find a woman who was in the textile business to give my KIVA loan to. I choose a Nusrat’s Group, five women from Pakistan for their decorative embroidery business. In addition to the free 25.00 KIVA loan I matched it 100% and loaned a total of 50.00 to support the group.

#2Share a photo of inspiring women in your life.


This is photo of some of the members of my women’s Group The Juicy Venusians. We come from all walks of life we are mothers, sisters, healers, coaches, business women and relish in our feminine connection with each other, listening, loving, supporting and growing together. They inspire me with their honesty, love and transformation.

# 3 – Join Care – A leading humanitarian organization. Write a Letter, urging Congress to support the international affairs budget.

# 4 – Tweet your #MSGOFPEACE – A few words of encouragement can make a really big difference in  someones life.

# 5 – Watch Molly’s World –   The World Food Program is the largest humanitarian agency fighting Hunger World Wide. They gave a small video camera to Molly, who lives in the slums of Nairobi. See what it’s like at Molly’s home, to live, study and dream in the slums of Kenya.