There’s no place like home…

There is nothing like the journey of transformation in  the Wizard of Oz. So cleverly told…my favorite character is the good Witch of the West, Galinda. As a kid I marveled at her super powers as she floated in and out of the movie inside a magic bubble and  supported Dorothy in over coming the dark and evil wicked witch, seeing her safely home… Last year, Halloween was my favorite… as my Mom, Aunt and I embodied these characters.

Creating the magical costume is no small feat…

Cindy Ciskowski Halloween 2012 #1It took four of us, one day hand stitch and decorate the beautiful butterfly and star laden pink costume.

Cindy Ciskowski  Halloween 2012 #2Forget about the yellow brick road, in Hollywood we follow the pink stars….follow the pink stars… hoping to have one of our own someday…

Cindy Ciskowski Halloween 2012 #3Cindy Ciskowski as Galinda“You had the power all along, my dear”

Cindy Ciskowski as Galinda the Good WitchEmbodying the benevolence of the Good Witch is magical  fun!

Dorothy Give Me Those Ruby Slippers“Dorothy… Give me those Ruby Slippers”

2012 Halloween Fun...

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