Inspiration Friday~Do you need a Fashion Utility?

Every once in a while, a entirely new design arrives, like a gift from the ether’s. The inspiration comes in several ways, sometimes the materials or elements speak to me and I combine them into a interesting new juxtaposition. This is what happened with the Traveler Tote. In the design studio we have stacks of vintage textiles and I saw two completely different fabrics from different parts of the world, a linen European grain sack and a burlap coffee sack next to each other and inspiration struck.

This is the Tote that started it all...

This is the Tote that started it all…

Both of these utilitarian sacks, were originally created to carry harvested crops to market. They look great together and I felt it would be interesting to pay homage to their humble origins by combining them and up-cycling them into an entirely new tote bag. To strengthen the tote I added a luxurious black linen lining and for comfort I sourced scrap leather from a local handbag manufacture and wrapped the jute straps in leather for unparalleled comfort. The original tote created 10-24-11 is pictured above.

Traveler Tote

The heart logo with the “C” brand stands for care, caring for our environment, ourselves and our world by re-purposing, up-cycling and re-inventing.

Traveler Tote

The collapsible Traveler Tote, is the the perfect companion, no matter where you adventure. The Traveler Tote is timeless, made with natural up-cycled Eco-luxury materials that improve with age. I feel everyone needs this multipurpose fashion utility.

Traveler Tote at The Berekely Farmers Market

Made by hand, each Traveler Tote is “one of a kind” and no two are exactly alike.

Traveler Tote

If you want to see more the adventures with the Traveler Tote watch this Video.

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