Happy Valley ~ The Life of Beatrice Wood

“We develop through experience. Therefore, hardships and misfortunes challenge us. It is in overcoming mistakes that we touch the song of life”.    ~ Beatrice Wood

On a warm summer’s day, we made the pilgrimage for a long held dream of my mom’s, to visit Beatrice Wood’s home and ceramic studio, located in Happy Valley, Upper Ojai.

Celebrating her art and life, Beatrice’s home is now The Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts the center is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The kiln is still active there are workshops, events and a gallery shows, that promote budding artists.

Beatrice Wood’s legendary life is revealed in her autobiography I Shock Myself, it is one of charm, adventure, rebellion, creation and most of all love, a perfect 20th century heroine and American Treasure.

Famous for her ceramics, she married a wide rang of influences, combining the spirit of dadaism, emerging modernism, eastern philosophy and her passion for decorative ethnic jewelry, into passionate love imbued decorative arts. Her favorite article of clothing was the Sari, she believed dressing in a sari was the ultimate expression of feminine elegance.  Leaving a passionate legacy of love, an opportunity for other artists to explore creation, one could say she truly mastered the art of life.

Daily Brilliant - Happy Valley

This lovely humorous sign greets us as we drive up the road to the center.

Daily Brilliant Happy Valley

Daily Brilliant Beatrice and ConnieConnie and her heroine Beatrice Wood

Daily Brilliant - Beatrice Wood Ceramic SculptureA Luster Ware Mermaid Queen with a fish as her consort.

Daily Brilliant - Beatice WoodsThe Gilded Vessel, Luster Ceramic footed Bowl

Daiily Brilliant - Beatrice Woods Ceramic Sculpture

The Married Couple floating on a bed of quartz crystal.

Daily Brilliant - Beatice Woods CeramicThe Modern Lovers.

Daily Brilliant - Topatopa Mountain

Beatrice’s view from her bedroom, her beloved Topatopa Mountain.

Daily Brilliant - Beatrice Woods

An goddess rests in the arms of a tree.

Daily Brilliant - Beatrice WoodsLovers and Friends of Beato, created her magic throne when she was 102.

Daily Brilliant - Beatrice Woods

Daily Brilliant - Beatrice Woods

The hand of an Beato, through which all creation of the artist was born.

Daily Brilliant - Cindy and Connie

Connie and Cindy on Beato’s throne of creation.

Daily Brilliant

We bought this beautiful bracelet mug in the gift shop……. If you were inspired by this post leave a note. If you want to explore and visit the Beatrice Woods Center for the Arts here is the link.

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