Flash Back London 1991-Someday your Prince will Come

The royal birth of Prince George Alexander Louis this week had me flashing back to London, 1991.

My Jewelry had appeared in a British Vogue magazine in a editorial photo shoot with Aretha Franklin in December of 1990. The Vogue shoot put me on the map with British Designers and I was invited by Jacqueline Hancher to accessorize her models, on her catwalk show at London Design Week in March of 1991. This was a bitter sweet victory because several months earlier on September 9, 1990 my sister was killed in a car crash. I couldn’t  help to feel that she had somehow orchestrated this victory from heaven. Still grieving from my loss, everything seemed a bit surreal as I packed up several suitcases of my Jewelery, at the time I designed under the name Luxe and headed to London.

A lover of all things royal I used a crown as my logo at Luxe. Not much different from my House of Cindy logo today, but now the crown is topped with a heart. Because I have learned to let love to rule my life, as I inspire others to do the same.

Speaking of love, how sweet and lovely is it to welcome a new baby to the world. Blessings on the young Prince George and may he someday rule his Kingdom with his heart .

Cindu Ciskowski at Vogue House London

Cindy Ciskowski London Designer Show

Luxe by Cindy Ciskowski London Designer Show






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