Flash Back: Somethings Got to Give 2003

Last month at West Week 2013 I had a 2003 flash back. Nancy Meyers, Producer, Director and Writer was the opening keynote speaker, she was interviewed on her magnificent Hollywood career and shared with the audience her inspiration and how she develops the homes for her characters in the movies she writes. I was beyond delighted because my designs are featured in two of her movies Somethings got to Give (2003) and What Women Want(2000) and I always enjoy knowing the details in a background story.

Nancy Meyers Keynote - West Week 2013

Although I am embarrassed to say before this keynote I had no idea who she was. I had never approached the production designer Jon Hutman or the set decorator Beth Rubino. I was simply on my path running my company designing my collection, attending trade shows and producing my designs. Focused and doing my part so that my designs could be produced, sold and not knowing they would eventually show up larger than life on the silver screen. I never know when this will happen and every time it does I am completely surprised. Delighted, I feel like its the universe nudging, giving me confirmation that I am doing the right thing and living my life on purpose.

I feel our greatest satisfaction and best work comes when we are in complete harmony with the unfolding flow of life and career. Not marketing for a better position or promotion, but instead living in the present, focused doing the very best we can with where we are, inside the energy of playing full out the universe does the heavy lifting and can propel us into unplanned and surprising synchronicity. When we live in this field of energy our life unfolds in grand ways beyond anything we could dream of for ourselves.

Nancy Meyers Keynote - Somthings got to Give

In Somethings Got to Give, Nancy wrote the film for the two actors to play the starring roles, Diane Keaton as Erica and Jack Nicholson as Harry. Nancy described how she designs the homes in her movies around the characters she creates. Every item on the set is used as visual language and helps to define the story and reveals the mind of the character . The above photo is the kitchen of Erica’s home.

Cindy Ciskowski Lighting on the set of Somethings Got To Give (2003)

The Hampton beach house vibe in the living room set coined the term casually elegant, it’s easy going light color scheme juxtaposed against darker traditional elements. This movie has been the most inspirational interior design set for the last 10 years, inspiring countless homes. My Dutchess table lamps are featured predominately in the foreground of this still.

Diane Keaton at her writing desk on the set of Somethings Got to GiveErica’s writing desk is in her bedroom. Nancy explained how she placed the desk there to show the characters intimate relationship with her career as a playwright and the fact that as a single woman she could do as she pleased in her bedroom. My Gia Table lamp with a Drum three shade in Bisque dupioni silk is illuminated prominently across from Erica.

Diane Keaton in Something Got to Give

The blue color of the living room is echoed in the blue hydrangea just beyond the bedroom window. Flowers for femininity and desk clock for masculinity grace one corner of the writing desk while the Gia Table lamp denotes illumination of creativity on the left. Production designers often put lamps in a shot next to the actor so that the set lighting looks realistic and natural.

If you enjoyed this post let me know and leave a comment below. Xx Cindy

4 thoughts on “Flash Back: Somethings Got to Give 2003

  1. Thats for sharing it was super insightful! When I saw “somethings gotta give” I never looked at the fine details as it was described. Now I have to watch this movie all over again! I also enjoyed what you had to say about finding satisfaction in what you do and your view on the connection of harmony when both career and life are aligned. (I didnt word it as perfect as you put it but I understood what you meant).

    Thanks again for sharing!!

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