Inspiration Friday – Do You Sleep In Color Therapy?

Did you know that color is one of the languages of the soul?

Color is to eyes what the philharmonic is to the ears. Stimulating or calming, each color provokes a certain sensation, color has a effect on our experience of life, effecting our health and well being through our feeling, moods and emotions.

Science defines color as light moving at various speeds, the brain interprets these various light wave frequency’s as color. Each color has its own light frequency or energy and effects our brains and endocrine system differently. Color therapy is when the vibrations of light are used to stimulate for healing. Color can enhance our experience of life and influence the amount of energy in our bodies as color is converted to energy by the human eye.

The use of color is one of the many natural tools available to help us live in harmony with ourselves. One effective and easy way to change the feeling of a room is to change it’s color, with paint, textiles and home accessories. Bedding, pillows or lampshades are easily interchanged to create the environment you desire and can effect your mood instantly.

We are excited to introduce a new collection of Sleep In Luxury 100% Linen bedding.  Inspired by the forces of nature, natural colors of the gem and mineral kingdom designed to enhance color vibrations with the texture and suppleness of natural Eco friendly linen.

House of Cindy - Rose Quartz 100% Linen Luxury Bedding

Sleep In Luxury in Rose Quartz – Rose Quartz is a color that has been used as a love charm for hundreds of years. Fostering nurturing and kindness, this is the color of rejuvenation know to enhance self worth. Thought to draw love into ones life, Rose Quartz opens ones heart to universal acceptance on physical, spiritual and emotional levels.

House of Cindy - Rose Quartz Linen Pillows


Sleep In Luxury in Golden Topaz – Topaz is thought to be Imperial, a color of Royalty as Kings and Queens crowns are made of gold. A talisman throughout the ages this is the noble color of the winner, wisdom and joy. Golden Topaz has been known to fight depression, cure insomnia and revitalize oneself. In fairy tales all great treasures are always made of gold. It also symbolizes silence, hence silence is golden.

House of Cindy - Topaz Sleep In Bedding

House of Cindy

House of Cindy

Sleep In Luxury in Ivory – Sleep In Ivory, a warm white is the color of spirit connections and stillness, a reflection of all other colors it is the great equalizer. A neutral, this is the best color when you need to feel like you belong somewhere. Ivory leaves things open yet clean and clear to mix with any other color beautifully. White is considered to be the color of light, It is reflective expansive complete in itself and non threatening.

House of Cindy - Ivory Luxury Linen Bedding

Sleep In Luxury in Zircon – Zircon is a color that makes a point to be masculine and mysterious. This rich restful hue may just give you the permission you need to retreat and rest from a hectic urban lifestyle. Add Zircon to your bedroom to stop, relax, escape and rejuvenate. Your world will still be there when you are ready to reemerge restored and revitalized.

House of Cindy - Zircon Sleep In Bedding

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