To Dye for Ombre

“The Ombre trend has gone on a shaded safari through the design world, choose a color that sings to your soul and apply it to a surface near you”. Cindy Ciskowski

What is “Ombré” you might wonder, after all the word stems from the French language, it means “shadow” or “shaded”. On a surface you can see a gradual shading effect, a gradient look that goes from light to dark in one or more colors.

The Ombré effect is not new to textile development. It is a cousin to Ikat, where shading and pattern are created by weaving different colored warp and weft thread colors to create the desired effect, a fabric style that has been popular through the Millennia. These days we can simply rely on a box of Rit Dye to create the DYI desired effect.

Ombré has been seen on the runways the past few years and has inspired interior trends with it’s wide spread appeal. With endless design possibilities, its whimsical change is here to for a while.

For more shady color inspiration visit the CindyC: Ombre Pinterest board

Photos: Vogue, Idha Lindhag, Anthropolgie, Rodarte, Livingetc, Hair Color Ideas

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