Has the Tolix “A” replaced Louis’s Ghost?

It seems like everywhere I look lately I see the versatile Tolix “A” Chair.  It got me thinking, has the Tolix A’s revival replace the reigning Louis Ghost as the new “IT” chair?

Philippe Starck reinvented the classic Louis XV armchair for Kartell in 2002, the playful Louis Ghost Armchair is a postmodern triumph of technical innovation and historical style. Translating the varied lines and formal geometry of its predecessor into a single form of translucent or opaque black or white injection-molded polycarbonate, creating the ultimate modern king of chairs. With indoor/outdoor versatility the Louis Ghost chair has clearly reigned over the design world for the past ten years.

The Tolix brand was put on the map by French designer by Xavier Pauchard in 1934 with the “A” bistro chair. The quality craftsmanship and classic style has stood the test of time, highly desirable, vintage Tolix’s are a lucky find at the flea market.

Today we owe the revival of the brand Tolix to Chantal Andriot. The only woman in a man’s world and with her knowledge she was able to give back a new vitality, in perpetuating the dual standards of quality and innovation to an industry skilled in the making of functional furniture. Today, half of Tolix’s annual turnover is for export, half of which, is for the United States.

The “A” chair is available in a variety of eco chic powder coated finishes to suit a wide array of design ideals and it’s use is limited only by one’s imagination.


A white on white dine in kitchen area pop’s with a rainbow of Tolix A’s, creating a high vibration retro chic.


Romance language is spoken here with Baby Blue vintage Tolix A’s from the 1950’s paired with a crystal chandelier, sisal rug, wooden dining table, brick wall and a vase of the most romantic flower on earth, Venus’s pink roses!


A silver dining area that sings “Fly me to the Moon, Let me play among the Stars” with it’s modern stark Astronaut coolness.


Rough Luxe Design is all the rage, coming soon to the hippest new restaurant near you.  This dining room’s classic elements include the Uber Chic erasable art of the moment, a school house chalk board.  Classic Rough Luxe metal finishes, steel, rust and black Tolix chairs take center stage.


Versatility is the Tolix’s strong suit, it returns to the Bistro in this outdoor dining area at Haute Cakes Caffe in Newport Beach.


The well thought out design with eight perforated holes ensures you will never accidentally sit in a puddle.


Just in case you were not sure…….. Image

you found “the real thing” look for the Tolix brand logo embossed on the back of the chair.


The “A”‘s smooth steel surface has a caught someones attention.


The snail slowly makes it’s move from the boxwood to the Tolix,  looks like the “IT” chair has a Mutli-Species attraction.


If you would like to try one out too, The Tolix “A” is available at Antiquaire, Sundance, and Pottery Barn On-line. Enjoy!

For more Interior Inspiration designing with the Tolix look at the CindyC: Tolix Pinterest Board

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