A trip to rue Royale via Madison Avenue

On a recent trip to Manhattan we discovered the famed French “salon de the”, Laduree creator of delicious seduction for the eye and palate opened a sweet retreat on Madison and 71st.


Immediately upon entering the macaroon laden heaven I was reminded of one very famous french queen and her infamous quote “let them eat cake”. I wonder if she ever ate a macaroon?


Laudree is famous for it’s creative selection of macaroon’s in the most delightful colors and flavors.


Beyond the glass lay heaps of deliciousness. Image

The girls were trying their best to avoid temptation.


We chose a commemorative 150 Year Birthday box of eight with the bells made of spring flowers.



In addition to the Sweets and Gourmandises, Laudree a creator of magic moments offers candles and home fragrances inspired by the flavors of the macaroons. Inviting one to create an “out of time” Parisian atmosphere anywhere.


Have a delightful spring weekend, may your adventures lead you to enchanting new discoveries.

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