“Now you have set me free”

Another one of my favorite DBD Tablescapes. The intimacy of dining and the alchemy of creativity came together in HBA’s enchanted dark dining room at DIFFA’s Dining by Design.

Inspired by the Brother’s Grimm Fairy Tale, The Raven. For the designers Kelly Sutton, Jessica Rae Sommer and Kathleen Dauber” the Raven concept embodies all the depth, enchantment, and anticipation of thriving in the midst of change and adversity” a perfect metaphor for DIFFA.


Dark and Dramatic this is a fairy tale of a young princess trapped. Transformed into a raven, her only hope is waiting for the prince that will someday set her free.


The wild, fantastic journey and optimism of the Raven, is translated into other worldly glamour with black lacquer, layers of crystallized embellishment and gold.


The words of the tale scroll across the rug custom made by Zenith International. A encrusted layer of Swarovski crystallized enchantment floating on a black lacquered table dazzling soon to be diners.


Table settings rest on a glass table top, the dazzling faceted illumination of the crystal becomes the star.


All the elements were custom designed showcasing the talents of the HBA design team. The chairs hand painted by Jessica Rae Sommer depict the transformation of the princess into the raven.

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