Margaret Russell’s top five photography tip’s

A day spent at The Pacific Design Center‘s West Week yields oodles of inspiration and valuable information.


My friend, design blogger Sarah Rosenhaus of srinteriors and I met to attended Margaret Russell Architectural Digest’s Editor in Chief Key Note on the latest trends in architectural and interior design photography. Margaret Russell’s talk included must know highlight’s on how to effectively prepare rooms for a photo shoot and to having your work published in both print and on line.


Margaret Russel’s top five photography must’s

#1 – Brand your original photo’s by including a watermark logo, use a service like GIMP to do this.

#2 – When posting images online use low resolution files. If someone tries to use them without your consent they will be pixelated and unsuitable for print.

#3 – Create “Achingly Beautiful” photo’s by adding air and light to bring them to life.

#4 – Make sure photo’s are styled properly for the shoot, the right flowers and accessories are the key to this interior photo magic tip.

#5 – Document your work as you see it, do not post all of your photo’s on line. Post a teaser photo or two, Magazines always want the first scoop. If bloggers have spread your photo’s across the internet you are less likely to be picked up and published by a major shelter magazine.

Bonus Tip – Embracing change is the key to success. With all of the digital innovation that has taken place over the past 3 years post production of photo’s is as equally important to produce an image that is suitable for print.

Bonus Buzz Words – Polished & Styled, Splashes of Light, Sun Light & Fresh Air, Balancing the Old with the New, Challenge & Opportunity.

2 thoughts on “Margaret Russell’s top five photography tip’s

    • Your very welcome. I am so pleased you enjoyed the blog and were inspired by Margaret Russell’s tip on photography. I hope this helps you take beautiful photo’s.

      Have a Brilliant Day! Cindy

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