The Three Key Elements of Design Inspiration

In the process of design discovery there is a pattern and rhythm that is born when I am in the flow of creativity. I start out thinking that I am creating one idea and in the end a whole other idea is born. Here are the three key elements to the path of design inspiration.

1 – Be in the moment and be surprised by the inspiration that finds you.

On Saturday’s road trip we ventured to Borrego Springs. Where is that? you might ask. It is a small desert valley surrounded by the Anza Borrego State Park. The largest state park in the Nation, a three hours drive south east from Los Angeles. Anza-Borrego Valley provides some of the nation’s most impressive natural desert terrain and is full of visual wonderment. That morning I looked up in astonishment to find one of my favorite inspirational things , a rainbow.

2 – Follow your intuition, you never know where it might lead you.

We began our morning exploration to the citrus groves towards the north end of the Valley.  Intuition guiding me we came across this Giant Steel Dragon Sculpture that slithered in five parts across the road,  it had just finished being installed last July 9, 2011.

The Borrego Valley is now home to over 129 metal sculptures created by Ricardo Breceda. The idea is the brain child and generosity of Borrego Springs great benefactor Dennis Avery of the Avery Label fortune and landowner of Galleta Meadows Estate. Envisioning the idea of adding “free standing art” to his property where visitors could come and enjoy the art and camp for free.

3- Keep moving – While our minds may think of idea’s, it is being in action and flowing with the impulses of creativity that our greatest creations are honed.

We arrive at our favorite Grapefruit Ranch . With this sign luckily we don’t have to drive down the road, the self-serve fruit stand is right in front of us.

The Cutest little palapa covered stand open seven days a week 8-4 pm with self-serve Certified organic ruby red grapefruit, grown with the worlds largest solar powered irrigation system. Not only are the the best tasting grapefruit on the planet now they are “green” grapefruit too, very inspiring . Does it get any better than this? YES! (you can order online here)

Inspired by the colors of Citrus and the smell of the desert air deliciously sweet with fragrant blossoms I created theCitrusize Pinterest board for Interior and Fashion….. It is my wish that you are inspired by this post, thrive in your creativity and put the three key elements of design inspiration into action in your life.

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