What is your favorite Crayola Crayon Color?

Do you remember your box of crayola crayons?  The 60s Crayola tagline was “They work on brains, not batteries.”

With 64 delicious options what was your favorite color?

Being a creative soul it was hard to decide on just one, my favorite crayola colors were Aquamarine, Salmon and Sea Green which reminded me of a colorful celebration I attended last week at Harbinger in Los Angeles to celebrate the end of the Design Bloggers Conference  hosted by Traditional Home announcing the 10 New TRAD Designers of 2012.

Colorful attendees Claudia Justel and friend from Adeeni Design Group in San Francisco

Color Bomb - A Harbinger vignette Orange Tufted sofa with a lacquered Emerald Faux Tortoise coffee table and rich layers of accessories with colorful pillows to snuggle up to.

The Colorful Interior Design Blogger Abbe Fenimore owner of studioten25 enjoying the festivities.

The front window at Harbinger was fantastically done up Painterly Style, fresh and bright as a spring day in the City of Angels . A wall layered with paintings, a patterned sofa and painted pillows to match!

A wonderful party, everyone’s spirits were up and many out of town attendees were enjoying our delightful city with it’s 72 and Sunny Weather. A since of optimism had a hold on the night. I had the pleasure of meeting Ann Maine the Editor in Chief at Traditional Home we chatted alone for a few minutes, it was a delight to get to know her better.  My friend Tiffany Grayce Harris and her partner Wendy Rossiter Estes from Layla Grace announced the launch of a new website Zinc Door where they are holding a vibrant spring color design contest on Olioboard. Anyone can play and win, this is my contest entry inspired by that colorful evening.

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